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MUSIC Editing Tricks That Make Your Videos 10x Better!

Learn how to edit music and use it to your advantage in your videos in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Editing on beat in Adobe premiere pro

There’s nothing more satisfying than a video that’s edited on beat. You’re probably wondering how it’s done, right? Let me explain. In Adobe Premiere Pro you can use markers to tag the beats of your song.

To do that, press the space bar to play back your music. Then on every beat you hear, set a marker. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut your videos on every single marker. Feel free to skip one every now and then. In Premiere you can easily snap your clips to these markers!

Using markers to tag beats.

What if your audio disappears?

Yes, this is a classic bug in Adobe Premiere Pro that unfortunately still happens every time when I’m editing. Luckily there’s a super easy solution for this annoying bug.

We still don’t know why this is actually happening, but to bring back your audio waveform, right-click the clip and choose render and replace. This will overwrite the audio clip and give you a brand new fresh audio waveform. Awesome, right?!

Bringing back missing audio waveform.
Bringing back missing audio waveform.

If you want to learn more advanced music editing tricks, definitly check the video above!


Thank you so much Audiio for making this video possible! Download and license music for your videos by clicking this link!

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