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5 Editing Tricks Nobody Tells You (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn five music editing tricks to enhance the music in your videos with this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Mixing Music to the video

If you’re mixing music that’s supposed to match the video, it’s important to get it right. For example when there’s a car passing by playing loud music. You can hear a muffled version of the song he’s playing because the frame of the car is blocking the high frequencies. Only the low frequencies are coming through.

To fake that effect, put an EQ on the song and cut away the high frequencies. That way you’ll achieve the exact same effect like in real life.

To enhance this even further, animate the panning property to match the movement of the vehicle in the video. That way the music and sound effects will sound ultra realistic.

Panning audio from left to right.
Panning audio from left to right.

Cutting on beat

Cutting a video on beat is not as difficult as you think. All you need to know is how to place markers. Press M on your keyboard to place a marker on every beat. Then select the clips you want to use in the edit. Next, click the ‘automate to sequence’ button and set the ordering to ‘sort order’. Select unnumbered markers and click ok. That’s it!

Editing a video on beat.
Editing a video on beat automatically in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Of course, you can’t hear it in this GIF. Definitely check out the full tutorial above to become a better editor!


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