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Make ANY CAMERA Look Cinematic (Color Grading Tutorial)

Learn how to color grade any camera to make it look like a cinematic camera using lumetri in Adobe Premiere Pro and the Filmconvert CineMatch plugin.

The New ARRI Alexa 35

The time has finally come. ARRI released a brand new camera and if you want to be in possession of this beauty, you’ll have to sell a kidney I’m afraid. But what if there is a way to recreate the looks and color science of the amazing ARRI camera?

Good news! We’ve created a tutorial where we show you how to get the ARRI look on any camera using a plugin called CineMatch by Filmconvert. Don’t worry, we’ll also show you how to do it in the build in Adobe Premiere effect ‘Lumetri Color’.

the new arri alexa 35
The brand new ARRI Alexa 35.

Which one is the RED camera?

I created a cool exercise for you guys. As you can see, these 4 clips look really similar. But, they’re all shot on different cameras. One of them is the RED camera, and the other three cameras are a Sony, a Lumix GH5, and an iPhone 13! We used CineMatch to match these 4 shots.

Which one do you think is the actual RED camera? You can check out the tutorial for a more detailed example. Also, if you want to know the result, don’t hesitate to click the link to our video above!

4 shots with  4 different cameras
4 clips shot on 4 different cameras.


Big thanks to CineMatch for sponsoring this video. Download CineMatch:

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