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How to Change ANY COLOR (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to change the color of any object with the HSL Secondary tool inside the Lumetri color grading panel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

how to change the color of anything

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your shirt or your eyes in a video? Well it ‘s actually quite simple to do this. All you need is… well… Adobe Premiere Pro! Once you’ve selected your scene you can go to the lumetri panel and from the HSL Secondary tab you can make a selection of your color that you want.

With this tool you can either change a specific color to another color or make everything black and white except that one color. Just like the Sin City movies.

HSL Secondary - selective color change
HSL Secondary – selective color change

Selective Color Grading

No why would you want to use this tool? Because you do not always need to change the color of a shirt or your eyes. Well you actually also use it to enhance the green color of your green screen shot. This makes it way easier to key it afterwards. You can also give your shots a specific mood, for instance selecting the blue of the sky and lowering the saturation.

Another super useful technique with the HSL Secondary tool is an easy orange and teal look. With this tool you can simply select your skintones (so the orange tones in your shot) and then alter everything else. Creating a teal background with orange skintones. This will create a lot of contrast in your shot.

Color grading class

But what if you’re totally not familiar with color grading? No problem at all! We have a complete dedicated class on skillshare. The first two weeks on Skillshare are completely free so this gives you a lot of time to learn everything about color grading, color correction and all the extra benefits of it.

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