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How to create a sequence in Premiere Pro?

How to start editing in Premiere Pro?

To start editing in Adobe Premiere Pro you of course need a timeline or sequence.

There are multiple ways to create a sequence, the most easy way is to head over to the menu and select sequence or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + N). You will see a bunch of default sequences that Premiere Pro offers. If you don’t know which one to choose, just select a random one. However, if you do know which one to select or if you need a specific one that isn’t the same size as your footage, make your own.

Sequence Menu adobe premiere pro
Selecting one of the default sequences

If you have chosen a random default sequence, just drag your footage in the timeline panel and it will automatically ask you if you want to change the sequence to the same size as your footage or if you want to keep the default settings. Here you can choose to change the sequence to the settings of your footage.

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Another way to create the right sequence is by dragging your footage to the new item icon in the project panel and this will immediately create the perfect sequence for you footage.

Sequence Adobe Premiere Pro
New sequences appear in both the project and timeline panel

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