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New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

Learn about the new import, edit and export presets features in the new july 2021 update from Adobe Premiere Pro.

New features in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 (beta version)

There is a new update coming for Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 and they already released a beta version of it. You can already download it from the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

import menu

When starting a new project you immediately see the first new feature which is the import menu. It is obviously way more organized than before. You can go to the folder where your footage is located and the footage will be shown with a lovely, big thumbnail. It will also show te name, type and duration of the clip. If you hover over the clip it will also show you additional information. From this import menu you can select clips and when doing this a mini timeline will appear on the bottom. This timeline is shown in the order you select the clips.

When you then give your project a name and destination you will see the possibility to create a sequence from the chosen clips on the right side. If you now create your project a sequence will be created with the footage already inside it. However it will never be stacked on multiple tracks, it will always be placed behind eachother.

edit menu

Now that you’ve build your project you are moved from the import menu to the edit menu. Nothing much changed here, it’s still all the same and you can still import by double clicking in the project panel. Or you can go back to the import menu.

export menu

Once you’re done editing your video you can go over to the export menu. And to be honest this is such a well organised and logical menu now. You can select wether you want to export as a media file or upload straight to social media. This was already an option before but it was tucked away in a pile of tabs. Now it’s clear and straight to the point. But one thing you might notice is the fact that there aren’t a lot of video presets listed. You first need to open the ‘more presets’ option to get the full list.

From this list you will see a star next to the different presets, if you select that star it will be marked as a favorite. From the top you can select to see only the favorites, you can also delete favorites by deselecting them. Keep in mind that only your favorite presets will be listed in the default preset dropdown.

Quick export

On the top right side we also have a couple of new icons/buttons now. The first one is the quick export button, which is actually a super useful feature in my opinion. Next are the buttons for reading more about the new features and a button to leave feedback or problems for Adobe, which is a very useful tool because beta versions tend to crash quite often. Then lastly are shortcuts for the workspaces and a full screen mode. I don’t really like these because you can easily assign keyboard shortcuts for that.

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