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5 Features in Adobe Premiere Pro you probably DON’T know about!

These are the 5 hidden features in Adobe Premiere Pro that will save you time and streamline your workflow while video editing.

Hidden Features in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is packed with tons of tools and features, some of which are not so easy to find. Hidden in submenus or specific properties, we can actually find very useful features that could help streamline our workflow or video editing process.

Project Manager

Honestly, I learned about this tool not too long ago. It’s a window that you can call up, giving a bunch of options to better organize your project. Definitely when working with footage that comes from different places on your hard drive. With one click of a button, we could copy all the media files into 1 folder, or even transcode them into a new format.

Project Manager
The Project Manager in Adobe Premiere Pro

This not only cleans up your project, but also making it more lightweight. Allowing you to work faster and Premiere Pro will crash less often.

Audio Track Keyframes

We all know that we can add keyframes to an audio clip. But we can do the same on the track itself. Through a small menu in the track itself, we can change the keyframe line.

For various kinds of projects, this functionality could be really useful. Definitely when you want your keyframes to be locked into a position of the timeline.

Media Files in Graphics

The new essential graphics panel allows us to create text and graphics. But we can also add media files in here like photos and videos.

This is useful to make use of the essential graphics properties for media files as well. One cool thing we could do is that typical text cut out effect in a video.

Media in Essential Graphics
Text Cut-out using Media Files in the Essential Graphics

Panel Stacking and Group Settings

Alright, this one is not so exciting. But it’s actually very interesting to know about. Panels or windows can be stacked, just like we see within the Lumetri panel. This allows for some more workspace customization.

There’s also a solo option which helps to automatically collapse other panels or not.

Graphics in your Project Panel

Back in the day we needed to create a title file, which was an actual file in the project panel. Useful to re-use it in your edit.

Nowadays, that graphics file could only be found back in the timeline. But through an option from the Graphics menu, we can bring it to the project panel. A small, but very useful thing!

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