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Adding text in Premiere Pro

How do you add text in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adding text in Premiere Pro is easier than you think. There’s actually a text tool in the toolbar, with that you can just click where ever you want on your screen and start typing. Just like with a normal clip you can adjust the position, scale, rotation and opacity in the Effect Controls panel.

To adjust the text settings, like the alignment, font size or color of the text you should go to the Essential Graphics panel. If you can’t find this, head over to the windows menu and select it from there. You can also add a background color to your text, change the font and add a drop shadow.

Essential Graphics Menu
Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro

Now you know how to add text you can start creating whatever you want. If you add some keyframes you can animate the text, making it a dynamic title or rolling creates. You can also make a lower third with this.

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You can even create subtitles and the easy part is that you can duplicate this text layer in your timeline by hold ALT and dragging it. If you then apply changes to the duplicate text it will not affect the original text.

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