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Top 5 New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022

Learn about the new features in the Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 update, such as Remix, Speech to Text, new editing workflow and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 Update

The new update to Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 comes with a whole bunch of exciting new features. Although some are still in beta, everyone can try them out by installing the beta version from your Creative Cloud Desktop app.

Automatic Music Remix

Remix is probably the biggest new features to Premiere Pro. It’s still in beta, but coming soon to the public release. Basically we can make any song shorter or longer in duration and Premiere Pro will automatically remix it to adjust the length.

Remix Feature in Premiere Pro 2022
Music Remixing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022

But it goes even further than that, we can also chose how Premiere Pro has to make new segments and focus more on timbre or harmonics.

Speech to Text

Since the beginning of the year we already had Speech to Text in the beta of Premiere Pro, but as of the October 2022 version it’s now part of the release.

We have a new window called ‘Text’, which allows us to generate a text from speech. We can then create automatic captions of this text with a click of a button. This is a big timesaver! It even supports multiple languages.

Improved Editing Workflow

I’m personally not a big fan of this update, but I guess it could be useful to some. They’ve basically redesigned the project creation window, giving you the option to also select and import your footage.

Improved UI Workflow in Premiere Pro 2022
New Import, Edit, Export UI workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022

The editing workspace remains the same, but the export window is changed. Functionality wise, it’s the same, but everything is organized more. I do like the simplicity of this new window.

Better Playback Support

There’re many new improvements under the hood as well. We can see better playback support for 10-bit HEVC and H.264 formats, as well as some color management improvements for these file formats.

Lumetri UI Improvements

Finally we can see some improvements towards the Lumetri Curve, which is slightly bigger now. The Vectorscope and Histogram also got a slight update, making them brighter and easier to read.


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