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How to Create a Camera Shake (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to create a camera shake effect with the directional blur and transform effect in Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial.

Creating a camera shake in adobe premiere pro

If you’re a fan of the Cinecom channel you’ve probably seen our Earthquake tutorial where we created presets that you can use in Adobe Premiere Pro to get a camera shake effect. Or to create a shaky cam effect. This is useful when you’ve filmed on a tripod but want a handheld look.

If you want to create a camera shake effect yourself you can easily do that by playing around with the directional blur effect or the transform effect. You can animate the properties and get a desired look. This can be a soft shake or a hard shake.

Camera Shake effect with transform tool

Why are camera shakes useful?

You can use camera shakes to enhance movements on screen. When you see someone or something falling on the ground, stomping or exploding a camera shake can make the visual impact way more effective. It can also be used to enhance the beat of a music video for example. And even as a transition!


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