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How to Make AMAZING PODCASTS (Premiere Pro and Riverside Tutorial)

Learn how to record and edit your podcast video with these 5 tricks in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Video.

Step 1: Recording a podcast

To record your podcast, you can use a screen recording program. If you want to have the best quality possible, you can use a program like Riverside to record the files of all the participants locally. This means no loss in quality!

Making presets in Premiere pro

Use presets! They will save you so much time because you only need to do the work once. If you save presets in Adobe Premiere Pro you can find them back in the presets folder. You can just drag and drop the preset onto the clip.

This is really useful for when you created a cool animation for example. You don’t need to recreate that animation ever again. You can always adjust it and save another preset. Awesome right?!

Saving Presets in Premiere.
Saving Presets in Premiere.

Using a safe-zone file

With this simple PNG file you can make sure that all the important parts of your video will not be blocked out by tiktok’s interface. All you need to do is make sure to not put any texts or important parts of your video in the red zone. It’s that simple! 🙂

tiktok safezone example.
tiktok safezone example.


Big thanks to Riverside for sponsoring this video. Record your podcasts at high quality right here.

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