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How to Create a Flying Card like Now You See Me (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to create the flying card effect from Now You See Me 2 in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Create a flying card like the movie now you see me 2 in adobe premiere pro

A lot of you have been asking both on the Premiere Basics channel and the Cinecom channel to recreate the flying card effect from the movie ‘Now You See Me 2’. Is it actually possible to pull this off in Adobe Premiere Pro? It sure is!

We need a couple of things. A shot where we throw a card, a shot where we catch a card, a travel shot with the focus NOT on the background and a green screen shot where we rotate a card.

Simply use the ultrakey effect to get rid of the green in your shot, nest that layer and animate it using the position property if needed. You can also speedramp the shot to get more motion blur on the rotation.

Animate the flying card with the transform effect

How to do it without a green screen?

There is another way to do it and that’s with a mock-up or picture of a card. Simply nest it and use the transform effect to animate the position and rotation over time. If you set a custom shutter angle to this transform effect it will also provide you with motion blur!

How to get the best mockups?

To get high quality, well lit mock-ups I recommend using Yellow Images. They also sponsored this tutorial and I took a card-mockup from there website to make this effect. Mockups are very useful for designing your brand but as a filmmaker or editor they can be a useful tool to create simple animations for a commercial or product video. Use the code “PREMIERE20” on their website to get a discount of 20% on your purchase!

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