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Use THIS effect for CINEMATIC Results

Learn how to make realistic and amazing looking God rays in Adobe Premiere Pro using this new tutorial video.

Cinematic God rays in premiere pro

God rays are beautiful, aren’t they? They naturally occur when light shines through an object. What if there’s a way to make your own god rays even after shooting your video? Well, there is! You can easily make them shine using Adobe Premiere Pro!

There is a lot of masking involved but if you’re willing to do that, you can achieve some good looking god rays inside Premiere.

God rays
God rays in the sky.

Falling dust.

One thing that I think is really beautiful about the god rays is when you can litterally see the dust flying in the air when you’re looking into the beams. And of course we found a way to recreate that to! We found a stock clip on storyblocks which we could easily blend with our video!

Tymon sitting in front of a window.
Tymon sitting in front of a window.


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