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How to Create the POCKET LOOP Effect (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Viral TikTok Effects

On TikTok we can find many creatives who make fun VFX videos. One of those effects is the Pocket Loop. I personally saw it for the first time on the Netflix series ‘Making Fun’, but apparently it has been around as a viral TikTok effect for a longer time.

Infinite Pocket Loop
Infinite Pocket Loop from Netflix ‘Making Fun’

VFX in Premiere Pro

Although Premiere Pro is not made for VFX, I still believe that making small effects is a great way to get to know the program better. The pocket loop effect is super easy, it just takes some time to make since you’re dealing with masks.

But unfortunately that’s with every video effect. In Hollywood movies, VFX artists often times spend days on a couple of frames of video. But it’s that dedication and eye for details which sets their work apart.

So the next time that you’re recreating an effect from one of our videos, take your time! Don’t be satisfied with a couple of minutes of work. Look at the details and the small errors, can you fix them?


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