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Zoom Through Mouth Transition (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to create a simple yet awesome zoom through mouth transition in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to create a zoom through mouth transition?

It’s actually a really simple and cool transition/effect. I made it during one of our livestreams and I recently discovered that they also used this effect in the Dr Strange movie from 2016.

What you need is a shot where someone opens his or her mouth quite wide without moving the head too much. The second shot to transition to can be anything you want.

Making the effect in Premiere Pro

Bring your video to Adobe Premiere Pro and duplicate it, then make a mask inside the mouth. Invert the mask and track it forward. Then nest that layer and use the transform effect to zoom into the mouth. Position it properly to the middle of the screen.

QUICK TIP: Don’t go beyond 300% scaling in the transform effect, Premiere will get super slow and will probably bug!

So if you need to zoom even more, use the scaling property from the clip itself. Then ease all the keyframes and use the levers to play around with the speed of the scaling so that it looks realistic. Then to finish it apply a gaussian blur effect and animate the blurriness overtime so that the mouth becomes more blurry the closer it gets to the camera. And of course finish it by placing your second clip underneath this layer.

Final result

want more transitions?

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