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I Stole MrBeast’s Secret Editing Trick (Premiere Pro)

Learn how to make subtitles using MrBeast’s secret editing trick in this easy Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Video.

Subtitles are not just for translating.

The reason why you just can’t abandon a video of MrBeast is because of how he hooks the viewer. One of his strategies is using flashy and trendy subtitles. He uses them to emphasize something he’s saying.

These come in really handy when you want the viewer to really get something. Use subtitles as power words to make sure something is as clear as possible.

Mr Beast Subtitles.
Mr Beast Subtitles.

Creating Subtitles in premiere.

Creating them yourself has never been easier in Adobe Premiere Pro. Since the latest update you can transform captions to a graphic layer. This gives you so much more control over the captions appearance.

Mr Beast Subtitles.
Mr Beast Subtitles.


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