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How to Edit a Multi Camera Sequence (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to easily set-up and edit a multi camera sequence in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to edit a multi camera sequence in adobe premiere pro?

This is a question that I get a lot and people seem to think that it’s actually really hard while in reality it isn’t. All you need is a bunch of cameras and a subject to film. When recording make sure to clap your hands so that you have a visual reference to sync later on. And if you’re also recording audio you can use the audio of the clap to sync as well.

Once every shot is imported in Adobe Premiere Pro, double click one and set the in point in the source monitor when the clap happens. Do the same for every shot. Then select all of the shots, right click and make it a multi camera source sequence. This will put them all together in a new sequence. Drag that sequence in your main sequence and from the program monitor, click on the icon tool and set the view to multi cam. Now you can click on one of the left camera angle views to switch to that angle. It will automatically place cut in the timeline. Super simple and fast.

Tips for editing multi camera in Premiere

I also have a couple of tips, first up is to get rid of the audio that the multi cam source created and take your audio from the camera where your microphone was attached too. Place it underneath and since you’ve placed in points it should be synced from the start. Don’t forget to link this layer to your video layer.

The next tip is assigning keyboard shortcuts that cut to the camera’s. Just look for ‘cut to camera’ and you will find the shortcuts. I like to set them to the numbers on my numpad because that’s a fast way to cut.

If your playback is going slow, set the playback view to 1/4 or 1/8 to make it go smoother. And if you find a silent moment in your take, don’t be afraid to cut it using the ‘add edit’ tool or the razor blade.

Video transmission for multi camera purpose

We shot our multi camera sequence with the use of the MARS 400s PRO from Hollyland which is a video transmitter. Since we shot without a director we gave each camera guy and extra monitor and attached a receiver to it. The transmitter was then placed on the camera of the other camera guy. That way they could see each others shot the entire time so they knew when they had time to adjust theirs. You can also download the Hollyview app and sync it with the transmitter so that you (or multiple people) can follow along from your smartphone.

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