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How to get the PERFECT GREEN KEY in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to easy pull the perfect green key using the ultra key effect in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial for beginners.

How to Setup a Green Screen

Pulling a green key sadly isn’t as easy as a simple click on our mouse. It takes some time to get that perfect key. Being able to pull a good key doesn’t only depend on how good you are able to drag around controls.

It’s what happens before you press that record button what makes the difference between 30 minutes of work versus 5 hours of work.

Green Screen Setup
A smooth green screen setup saves you a lot of time in post

How to get a perfect greenscreen

First of all tighten the greenscreen. Wrinkles create shadows or in other words different kind of greens. Which is exactly something we don’t want.

Pay attention the your light. Ideally you have 2 lamps, 1 on each side which light it up evenly. Avoid hot spots and a vignette look on your greenscreen from your shadows.

Another big tip for as little spill as possible is to take enough distance from your greenscreen. Since your shining light onto it, it reflect green light back onto your subject. Again something we don’t want.

2 Zone lighting setup for Green Screens
The 2-zone lighting setup for green screens.

The last tip are camera settings. Try to have as little noise as possible so don’t shoot too dark or with a high iso. Try to avoid a lot of motion blur. Motion blur is transparent so you will see the screen behind it, making the key more difficult. So increase that shutter speed if needed.

Following these tips will make the key in post production way faster and easier.


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