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Turn BORING Images into 3D ANIMATIONS (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to create a creepy halloween animation by animating 2D pictures in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Happy halloween!

Today we’re doing a special video because it’s my favourite time of the year, Halloween! If you guys are as excited as I am, defenitely follow along with this tutorial!

All you need are two images. I found these two pictures on the internet and thought they would be really cool to turn into an animation. What I want to do is put the pumpkin-man inside the other world.

Masking in Adobe Premiere Pro

We all love a good hour of non stop masking, am I right? Ew! Good thing you don’t have to do that! The only thing we need to mask out is our pumpkin guy. Try to do this as precisely as possible to achieve te best result.

After you’re done masking, simply position him to your liking. To make it a 3D animation, we’re going to use the Basic 3D effect on the background. Simply animate the swivel and look at that! That’s truly amazing!

2D to 3D animation in Premiere.
2D to 3D animation in Premiere.


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