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How to do SKY REPLACEMENT (Premiere Pro)

Learn how to replace the sky in your video and add a lightning effect in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial Video.

Sky replacement in Adobe Premiere pro

You can replace the sky with a lot of different ways, but in this tutorial I’ll teach you how to do it using the ‘Color Key’ effect in Premiere. This effect selects a color of your clip and then removes it. With the other properties you can fine tune it until you’re satisfied with the result.

Keying out the sky.
Keying out the sky.

Adding lightning effects in premiere

After replacing the sky it’s time to color match your two videos. That, of course, is done with lumetri. Because I have a purple-ish sky, I pumped some magenta in my video which makes the sky blend with my house a lot better.

For the light flashes, I simply keyframed my exposure property from the effect controls. Everytime a lightning bold hits, I increased the exposure slider and brought it back to zero after the lightning disappeared.

Sky replacement in premiere
Sky replacement in Premiere.

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

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