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How to Fix Crashes and Errors (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

Learn how to fix the most common crashes and errors in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial for beginners.

Most common errors and crashes in Premiere pro

Everybody hates it. The random crash or error that you get out of nowhere when editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Most of the times you have to go onto the internet and look for a solution somewhere on a forum. But not anymore because here are some tips to avoid crashes and to solve them!

Avoiding premiere pro crashes

Let’s start with some tips on how to avoid getting crashes. First enable the software encoding only option, this will drastically lower the performance of Adobe Premiere Pro but your chance of getting an error is way smaller.

Next is your computer performance, if your pc isn’t that strong don’t open to much software at once, but focus only on Premiere. Of course you can always look something up but don’t overdo it and open every software program available on your pc.

Deleting the media cache is also something that can help avoid getting crashes. And deleting the cache isn’t harmful so make a habit of doing this once in a while. You can delete these yourself in the explorer or via Premiere. What I also recommend is setting an automatic media cache deleter every 7 days.

Next one is saving and auto saving. Make sure that every once in a while you save your project or tab control and ‘S’ on your keyboard. You can also set an auto save in Premiere Pro. I tend to set this every 5 minutes so that when I leave my desk for getting some food or a toilet stop my Premiere automatically saves and I don’t loose any progress whenever it would crash.

Warp Stabilizer Error

Fixing Premiere Pro Crashes

An error we often come across with is the warp stabilizer error. We get this whenever we want to speed ramp a clip that already has a warp stabilizer applied to it. Warp Stabilizer is a really beefy effect so whenever you apply some others effects to it or want to adjust the speed it can’t be processed. What you need to do to fix this is nest the clip whenever you’ve applied the warp stabilizer to it.

Let’s talk about one of the most annoying crashes, which is the random crash report you get while editing and Premiere suddenly crashes without a warning or reason. To fix this, head into the explorer all the way to the current version folder of Premiere and then delete everything in it, this will reset Premiere completely and often times this already helps. Uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere Pro also helps from time to time.

Error Compiling Movie
Error Compiling Movie

Another annoying crash is the error compiling movie crash. This happens whenever you’re exporting. Most of the times this indicates a GPU leak. Try to restart Premiere or even your pc, if it still doesn’t work we’ll need to try something different.

When you’re getting an error compiling movie crash have a look at the timecode it indicates. Then go back to your timeline and check that timecode. If there are effects applied to a clip there make sure that everything is right with these effects. You can do this by disabling them and exporting again. If this works fine then something is wrong with the effect. You can either alter the effect a bit, apply it to an adjustment layer or nest the clip.

If none of this works you can try to cut your entire video in 2 or 3 parts with in and out points and export each part separately, then use those exported parts and merge them back together in Premiere and export that entire video.

If this also doesn’t work, try to create either a new sequence or a new project and copy your existing sequence into that new sequence or project and try to export it again.

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