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10 Features Only PRO Editors Know About

Learn 10 secret Premiere Pro features to enhance your skills as a video editor in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Synchronising audio in Premiere pro

It can be extremely difficult to sync your audio clip with the video. This is because Premiere doesn’t let you move your clips free in the timeline. However, there is a secret little feature that you can enable which willl give you more freedom in the timeline.

Open up the menu next to your sequence. Then enable ‘show audio time units’. Now you will be able to move your audio clips freely in the timeline which will result in a much more accurate sound design.

Synchronising audio in Premiere.
Synchronising audio in Premiere.

Bins can be so annoying!

By default, opening up a folder or a bin in Premiere will create a new tab in the project window. This can be super annoying! Before you know it, you have 20 tabs in the project window.

Luckely I have an amazing trick for you to fix that, simply head over to the settings and choose what you want Premiere to do when you double click a bin. Now when you open up a folder, it will behave exactly the same as a windows or a mac folder.

Bins in Premiere Pro.
Bins in Premiere Pro.

Check out the entire video on top where you will learn 10 other super awesome Premiere Pro tricks!


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